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About Children of Paraguay
Children of Paraguay is a charitable initiative formed to provide safe, accessible medical and dental care in a small village in Paraguay.


1) Open the medical/dental clinic, and build sustainable partnerships to addresses the health needs of the local community.

2) Build cooperative relationships with local people, seeking to ensure sustainability for the long term.

3) Continue to seek future additions and improvements to the current site.

4) Ensure that our work is based on the values of love, Christian humanitarianism, compassion, and cooperation.


Since 2006, Children of Paraguay has been fundraising, trying to make this dream a reality. We have raised over $65,000 in that time, thanks to the generosity of people like you. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We are continuing to raise money to cover final expenses and open the clinic.

We are so close. But we have said that before. The building is complete, but this year, we were confronted with regulations regarding the zoning of the land. Understanding processes in a different country has always been a stumbling block, but we continue to persevere in our goal.

Although there recently has been a change of government that deals with our project, we have submitted our legal paperwork to re-zone the property. Pending this approval, we will then re-approach the Ministry of Health for final approval to open the clinic.

Moving forward, we have been discussing the possibility of creating a Community Centre / Teaching facility.  Local people can receive education and training to learn a new skill or trade, which will help them in their day-to-day lives. Many of the people in Limpio face daily challenges that you and I never face. But first it is important that we open the clinic, and its operation becomes self-sustaining in the long-run.

We could not achieve these dreams without your help.  For this, we are eternally grateful.

The Site
Why help build a multi-service center in Paraguay?We are building a medical/dental clinic for the community of San Pedro, Limpio, Paraguay. This clinic will be will be part of a larger multi-usage community site. We are working with CESMA (Centro de ex Alumnos del Seminario Metropolitano de Asunción), a group of former Catholic seminarians.


The Multi-Usage Community Site will provide:

• A medical/dental clinic providing accessible services

•  A soccer field

• A ‘Quincho’ (covered BBQ picnic area for community gatherings)

• Green space

Future initiatives

• We have concrete ideas and goals for the future. We are taking steps to asses the possibility of building a general purpose community centre for education, training, literacy programs, and economic projects.



Map to Limpio

Paraguay is a beautiful landlocked country located in South America with a vibrant culture. However, it suffers from heavy foreign debt, high inflation and high unemployment. The country’s economy is hampered by rapid growth,political uncertainty, corruption, and poor infrastructure.

Some Facts:

  • Over 1/3 of the population are less than 15 years old
  • Over 70% of Paraguayans live in poverty
  • Predominantly Roman Catholic
  • Official Languages – Spanish and Guarani
  • Agricultural economy – soyabeans, cotton, cattle, forestry
  • The population in Limpio increased from 3,288 in 1982 to over 116,000 today

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