Fundraiser A Wonderful Success

Children of Paraguay would like to send out a grateful thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Fundraiser at Dovercourt over the weekend. We raised $5,175, which brings us to $28,175 of our $60,000 goal for our multi-usage community center. 

The entertainment from the various dancers, representing different cultures in the world was well worth the price of admission alone, never mind the glorious food which was offered!

Dovercourt Fundraiser 2011

Building A Clinic, Building a Community

by Shannon Kalyniak

In August, a team of five missionaries travelled to San Pedro,Paraguay with Children of Paraguay (Founded by Rosa Frias, CC Lay Associate). Rosa is raising funds to build a medical/dental clinic in a poor area outside of the capital city of Asunción. Together with a Paraguayan association, they are building a multi-purpose community site – providing free medical/dental services, a building for education, a soccer field, playground, and a ‘quincho’ (covered BBQ picnic area)….read the rest here.

How Poorly We Love

During our mission in Paraguay, I realized once again how rich we are. In this far away country, we were able to love the poor, out of our riches. Our 40 soccer balls were very popular, as well as our hundred plus rosaries. With those gifts to share, I would say that our mission was one to “Play and Pray”! We were able to love the poor by giving them “stuff”. But being in contact with the poor in comparison with us, and sharing part of their life and their faith, I realized that our biggest richness is for some of them, the only thing they have: to know Jesus.

I realized that I am poor myself in that regard. How poorly do I sometimes know, love, and serve Jesus? So because of that, I feel now like praying in the same way we started every day while leaving for our mission. This prayer is my favorite: the Angelus. It reveals to us the mystery of the Incarnation of God, when Jesus Christ, the Word, was made flesh. Amazing! God humbled himself in sharing our humanity, our poverty, our sufferings, even our death. Jesus Christ conquered sin and death so that through his Holy Cross and Resurrection, we can have life in abundance.

So please join us by being united in prayer and mission with my new Paraguayan friends.

Let us pray:

The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. And she conceived of the Holy Spirit. Hail Mary…
Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to your Word. Hail Mary…
And the Word was made flesh. And dwelt among us. Hail Mary… Amen.

– Fr. David Bergeron

2011 Mission: Fr. David’s Reflections

Buon dia a todos,

Our mission is very good. It is the first time we use internet, and just for a few minutes. The building (medical and dental clinic) is more completed than we thought.

Kids are awesome. Some very poor, some not too bad but they all love soccer. We play almost everyday, and they are very talented. We have mass daily in a little chapel, usually with one dog inside, but he is respectful, almost devout. Continue reading

2011 Mission: Rosa’s Reflections

I would like to thank the parishioners for supporting me financially, spiritually, and by praying for me on my mission trip on July 20th to August 20th.

My mission started it when it took me 12 hours to travel in an airplane across the ocean without stopping. I knew that God was in charge, and held on to my rosary. I will be fine even though it’s a thousand miles away. Continue reading